About Us


Attracted by the tranquillity and the kampong lifestyle in Pulau Ubin, Pulau Ubin Explorer Services was established, in 2002, with the vision of attracting visitors, locals or tourists to Pulau Ubin to feel as well as to enjoy the surroundings of the last existing kampong on one of the islands in Singapore.


Started off by specializing educations tours as well as camps expeditions to various educational institutes in Singapore, i.e. Woodlands Secondary School, Macpherson Secondary School. As the company developed over the years, we have embarked on enhancing as well as extending our services to corporate companies, i.e. Standard Charted Bank, ABN Bank, Qatar Airlines, in order to customize to their objectives, for their events. Today, our company has done over 50 various events- from Families (Self Organized), Small Medium Enterprise(SME) , Corporate organizations as well as Statutory Boards, I.e. MICA, HDB (Housing Development Board), NLB (National Library Board) and National Youth Council. Most of our clients had given their feedbacks that, our services provided had been more than satisfactory, from the start till the end of their events.

Planning ahead

Looking forward, Ubin Explorer will continue to provide our excellence services to our clients, while ensuring fun and enjoyment, at the same time, executing the programs that have been specially created for them, wowing them through out their stay in Ubin.


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